New funding for First Nation education

First Nation education funding

Good day Funds Fans!  For educators, administrators and managers in First Nation education, this post is for you.

The Government of Canada is committed to ensuring that First Nation learners enjoy the same opportunities as other Canadians. To help meet this goal, Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) is continually seeking new ways to enable First Nation educators to deliver the best possible programs for First Nation children and youth.

This 2013-2014 Interim Call for Proposals is solely for proposals that address the Structural Readiness component found in both the Education Partnerships Program (EPP) and the First Nation Student Success Program (FNSSP) National Program Guidelines. This will allow First Nation education organizations to strengthen their organizational capacity for the delivery of educational services to First Nation Schools.  Grants range up to $25,000+ (estimate).  Deadline: September 16th, 2013.

Eligible activities under the Structural Readiness component:

  • Governance and Leadership: May include developing and/or formalizing policies, processes and mechanisms to improve leadership attraction, selection, and professional development; recognize First Nation membership and establishing codes of conduct; formalizing relationships to local provincial bodies (e.g. school boards, ministries and colleges of teachers); ensuring transparent and well-respected practices for convening meetings, decision-making, conflict-resolution, conflict of interest, communication, ethics, and fairness.
  • External Relations: May include developing networks with federal and provincial departments, non-government organizations, professional associations, and corporations; participating in intergovernmental forums, committees, working groups pertaining to education issues; developing a process and procedures for communications with the public and other governments and mechanisms for participating in policy and program development.
  • Parental/Community Involvement: May include developing or formalizing community engagement processes that allow First Nation schools and communities to participate in decision-making, and that keep the community informed of decisions and changes to programs or policies; and dispute resolution measures and appeal mechanisms for First Nation members.
  • Planning, Performance Measurement and Risk Management: May include defining and acquiring stakeholder input and support for your organization’s mission, objectives, and vision; conducting long term strategic planning and ongoing policy development; developing and implementing a risk management framework and reporting mechanisms to foster continuous improvement, accountability and results; and establishing processes to administer, monitor, and report on delivery of second-level services.
  • Financial Management: May include developing and/or implementing a financial management plan; developing processes to track financial transactions and monitor assets, liabilities, revenues and expenditures; developing policies, procedures and processes for the collection of revenues, development and distribution of audited financial statements, and tendering/awarding of contracts; and developing formal processes and procedures for allocation of funding to individual First Nations in a fair and transparent manner.
  •  Human Resources Management: May include developing a human resource management plan; and establishing or formalizing human resource policies and processes for recruiting, screening (including volunteers), hiring, retaining, terminating, professional development and/or compensating personnel required to deliver education services.
  • Information Management and Information Technology: May include developing an Information Management and Information Technology management plan and policies; and developing or improving business practices related to collecting, storing and distributing information (e.g. data security, access to information and privacy policies, document management, and computer hardware and software).

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