Funding available from Japan for tsunami debris clean-up

Japan Tsunami Clean-Up Funds

Hello Funds Fans!  If your West Coast B.C. community is struggling with tsunami debris, please note that funds are available to help.  Arigato, Japan 🙂

Excerpt from CBC news article:  “The Japanese government has given Canada $1 million to help support the cleanup associated with tsunami debris washing ashore on the West Coast.  …Canada’s Environment Minister, Peter Kent, said the million-dollar gesture was largely symbolic but greatly appreciated nonetheless. Kent confirmed the money would go directly to B.C., which is handling the cleanup along the West Coast.  B.C. Environment Minister Terry Lake said much of the money will be held back to help plan for the arrival of future debris and to assist communities along the coast as they figure out what to do with it.  The money will also be used to handle threats of invasive species which might wash up with some larger objects…

There is no specific deadline to apply.  Grants may range from up to $25,000+ depending on proven need.  Clear and concise proposals are preferred.  Electronic documents are encouraged.  Since the funds were provided, primarily, to assist with cleanup efforts proposals should clearly reflect how this will be done (e.g. a number of beaches, kilometers of beach, volume of material, number of cleanup activities, etc.).  Proposals should include: cleanup timelines, locations, cost of project (including breakdown of major components), local and environmental benefits, partners involved and the amount of funding requested. Concise supporting documents such as maps, business cases, letters of support, and First Nation and/or local government council endorsement may be attached as appendices. The application should identify the lead agency (Final Recipient) that will be responsible for concluding a Final Agreement and administering it.

Fundsblogger Note: If your organization receives funding from this initiative, please consider sending the Government of Japan a note of thanks for their neighbourly gift.  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be reached by mail at the following address:

Japan Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Kasumigaseki 2-2-1, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

100-8919 Japan

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