Up to $20,000 available from the Humanitarian Innovation Fund

Humanitarian project fundingHello Funds Fans!  Here is a newly discovered funder that may be of interest to humanitarian project developers and managers within Canada who work in partnership with networks around the globe.

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) is a landmark grant-making fund to support organisations working in countries and regions facing humanitarian challenges, such as Haiti, Pakistan and East Africa, to develop, test and share new technologies, products and processes that will make humanitarian aid more effective and cost-efficient in the future.  The Fund represents a collective effort to enhance the contribution of innovation to improving operational humanitarian performance at the field level.  It is currently made up of contributions from the UK Department of International Development, Canadian International Development Agency and the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Humanitarian Innovation Fund (HIF) supports organizations and individuals to identify, nurture and share innovative and scalable solutions to the challenges facing effective humanitarian assistance.  HIF provides funding through two funding mechanisms – a small grant facility and a large grant facility – which reflect the stage at which an innovation is at in the innovation process.

The Small Grant facility is open all year round and offers grants of up to £20,000 for the recognition, invention & diffusion of a humanitarian innovation.

Calls for Large Grants proposals are made twice a year and offer grants from £75,000 to £150,000 for the development and implementation of a humanitarian innovation.  (The current Call for Proposals is closed)

“Humanitarian aid’ is aid and action designed to save lives, alleviate suffering and maintain and protect human dignity during and in the aftermath of emergencies.” Global Humanitarian Assistance

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