Grants for spay/neuter programs

Prevent unwanted pets!

Hello Funds Fans!  If stray dogs and cats or unwanted puppies and kittens are a concern for your community, then here’s a bit of help.  The BC SPCA Community Animal Spay/Neuter Grant is a grant competition that will help communities across British Columbia address pet overpopulation.  The grants are available to registered animal charities and non-profits, municipalities, veterinarians, First Nation’s governments and tribal councils and BC SPCA branches. The deadline to apply is February 1st, 2014.

Cat program: Funds are to be targeted at B.C. cats most at risk of contributing to cat overpopulation: either 1) intact neighborhood or community-fed cats, abandoned cats and feral cats living in colonies, where there are one or more caretakers (referred to from here on as “free-roaming” cats) or 2) cats cared for by owners/guardians in a First Nations community.

Dog or rabbit program: Funds are to be used for either 1) free-roaming dogs or rabbits where there is one or more caretakers or 2) dogs cared for by owners/guardians in a First Nations community.

Successful B.C. applicants will be allocated funding based on demonstrated need and ability to match funds. There is no set minimum or maximum amount to apply: successful grant applications will demonstrate the need and be able to document a plan for use of the funds.

Applications targeted at fixing at least 85% of the animals identified in a colony or community will be prioritized.

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