NOW OPEN: CAI funding for mental illness, problematic substance use and/or unhealed trauma

Mental health and substance abuse funding

The Community Action Initiative (CAI) has now posted a call for letters of intent for proposals to help families with dependent children (including adult children) where one or more members is impacted by mental illness, problematic substance use and/or unhealed trauma.  Approaches should provide for greater connections to either: culture and/or spirituality; or to neighbourhood and community.

Funding will be allocated in two stages, through two separate competitions. The first stage involves convening work (funded through a convening grant), and provides sufficient funding to bring partners together to work through a more detailed proposal.  Successful LOI applicants will get up to $10,000 as a convening grant.  The LOI deadline is January 27, 2014

The second stage involves service delivery (funded through our service innovation grant), and will be funded for projects which last from two to three years.  Applicants who receive a CAI convening grant will be invited to apply for up to $200,000 to support implementation of their service innovation proposal.

CAI funding is intended for projects which are led by non-profit agencies, and/or Aboriginal agencies, and involving partners from many sectors.  If you have received this and are neither a non-profit agency nor an Aboriginal agency, it still may be of interest to you either in forwarding to some of your contacts in these categories, or as a potential partner.

Please share and re-tweet within interested networks.  If you need help with your proposal, contact a Professional Writer today!

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