NOW OPEN: Violence prevention funds for women and girls

Funding for women and girlsGood day, Funds Fans!  Here’s another funding gem for today 🙂

The Canadian Women’s Foundation is pleased to announce the call for proposals in violence prevention.  Each of their grant areas have different eligibility and criteria.  Deadline: February 3rd, 2014.

Funding streams include the following:

Teen Violence Prevention: Funds projects / activities for teens (girls and boys age 11 to 19) or for girls only that work to prevent violence against women and girls. These can be school-based or offered outside of schools in a setting that provides a safe space.  Your proposal must: have a significant focus on violence against women and girls and healthy relationships. This may be within the context of connecting key issues such as violence, sexual relationships, substance abuse, respecting diversity and differences, and sexuality; show a confirmed partnership with schools, if the project delivery is school-based; actively involve girls/teens as peer educators or in other ways that promote their feeling of ownership in the project; actively involve participants for a significant time period (i.e. more than one class presentation); have a component that builds skills in areas such as critical analysis and decision making.

Rebuilding Lives: Priority will be given to projects that provide support to children who have been exposed to abuse or with parenting of children who have been exposed to abuse; second-stage housing providing several kinds of supports to women; training, development and advocacy by provincial groups; education and support on violence against women involving women with disabilities.  They will also consider projects that provide follow-up counselling and/or support; help with financial, housing, health and legal issues.

Loan funds: These funds can help build capital or manage the administrative needs of new or existing funds that offer interest-free loan funds for women leaving an abusive relationship and are also supported by additional resources  for financial planning, budgeting, and managing priorities; access to information on projects and benefits that will ease transition to independence from a past abusive relationship.

Collaborative projects: Supports regional or provincial resource sharing and capacity building; policy work/leadership on violence against women that actively involves women who have experienced violence; advocacy that aims to address systemic barriers for women who have experienced violence.

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