Up to $75,000 for sustainable food systems

Sustainable food systemsHi Funds Fans!  I have previously highlighted the work of the J.W. McConnell Foundation and I’ve just learned that they have a new fund for promoting sustainable food systems at Canadian institutions.  Institutions covered under the fund include publicly funded hospitals, long-term care facilities, college and university cafeterias, municipalities, prisons and school boards. In all cases the annual food budget of the institution or buying group (this may include a school board or group of schools with common purchasing) must be over $100,000.  Applications may also come from a group of institutions working together.

Fund Objectives: Increase the amount of healthy, local and sustainable food served in public institutions in Canada; Shift supply chains for public institutions in Canada to increase the production and supply of local and sustainable food; To support work in individual institutions to develop new practices and supplier relationships which ensure that more healthy, local and/or sustainable food is served.

Project Funding: Maximum funding is $75 000, for projects lasting up to two years.

Development Funding: Up to $5,000 for projects which do not have the required supply chain partnerships but wish to apply for support to develop partnerships and join the learning community.

A second funding round for a new cohort may occur at a later date, contingent on success of the first one.  A 50% cash contribution, in addition to an in-kind contribution, by the applicant and/or project partners is desirable; a minimum 25% in-kind and 5% cash contribution is required. Presence of strong partnerships, including financial or in-kind contributions, will be considered an asset.

Deadline: Friday, April 4th, 2014

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