Up to $20,000 for classroom technology

Future Shop grants

Funds a-hoy, Funds Fans!  Check this out while I get the May Deadline Alert ready 🙂

The Future Generation Tech Lab Grant program offers monetary grants for secondary schools looking to upgrade or introduce new technology into a specific program or classroom primarily used by students in grades 9-12 to inspire and empower students to achieve their highest potential.  Maximum grant: $20,000.  Deadline: May 23rd, 2014.

Tips for writing a successful application: Illustrate how the technology purchased will inspire, motivate and empower students in their studies; Outline how the technology will bring innovation to the classroom; Illustrate the impact this new technology will have on the student experience and potential for learning; Ensure that the list of new technology purchased with the grant is reflective of the case made for a grant.

There it is, folks!  Go and get it!!

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