Deadline Alerts: September 2015

Funding Deadlines

Hello Friends and Funds Fans!  I have not abandoned you.  I’m just slightly tardy and have been altogether swamped with other matters this past month or so.  On with the show, says me 🙂

September 15th, 2015. Grants range from up to $5,000+. The Bullitt Foundation concentrates its funding on environmental issues in urban areas, business and technology, ecosystem services and planning, and leadership and civic engagement. The mission of The Bullitt Foundation is to safeguard the natural environment by promoting responsible human activities and sustainable communities in the Pacific Northwest. Our geographic region includes nonprofit organizations that serve Washington, Oregon, Idaho, British Columbia, western Montana (including the Rocky Mountain range), and south-central Alaska.

September 15th, 2015. Up to $50,000. The Canadian Women’s Foundation is now accepting proposals for Multi Year Anti-Trafficking Grants for 2016-2020. The multi-year anti-trafficking grants aim to:

  • Prevent sex trafficking of women and girls in Canada through work involving girls or teens within universal prevention programs; prevention for at-risk youth and for victims of sex trafficking by creating awareness, sharing information and stopping further victimization.
  • Support women’s organizations and projects in Canada to help women and girls rebuild their lives after the crisis of experiencing trafficking by providing multiple layers of intensive support and services.
  • Support collaborative projects for groups working together in a region, province, territory or nationally (in Canada) to create awareness, to share resources, to provide coordinated responses, and to advocate or to support sex trafficking survivors’ participation or leadership in policy issues.

September 15th, 2015. Up to $5,000+. (estimate) The Hamber Foundation provides grants for cultural, educational and charitable purposes within the Province of British Columbia. The Foundation prefers to support specific projects rather than contributing to general sustaining assistance or to large capital projects. The Foundation may review major grant proposals from time to time.

September 16th, 2015. General Grants of any size. The Real Estate Foundation Grant Program supports initiatives that non-profit organizations have identified as important based on research and their own, on-the-ground knowledge and experience. These grants help to meet needs, fill gaps and implement solutions.

September 24th, 2015. $300 to $2,000. RBC Try-it Day grants provide funding for organizations, clubs and communities in British Columbia to plan a sports “try-it” day in the week leading up to and on RBC Sports Day in Canada.

September 28th, 2015. Up to $20,000+. The Youth Take Charge Program is now accepting applications for projects taking place between April 1, 2016 and March 31, 2017. Applications for funding for multi-year projects (with a start date of April 1, 2016) can also be submitted. Through partnerships with youth-serving organizations, the Youth Take Charge Program supports projects that exemplify an ability to strengthen youth attachment to Canada in the following thematic areas: History and heritage, Civic engagement and youth service, Arts and culture, Economic activities. IMPORTANT: Projects promoting Canadian history and heritage will be given priority in this intake.

September 30th, 2015. Stage 1: Up to $10,000. Stage 2: Up to $200,000. The Community Action Initiative (CAI) has issued a call for letters of intent for proposals to promote mental health and wellness in older adults, including those with low incomes, immigrant or refugee, and Aboriginal peoples living in community, assisted living, or residential care settings. Proposals that focus on a direct service to older adults with chronic health conditions are encouraged. Proposals that focus on promoting mental health and wellness in family caregivers of older adults will also be considered. Applicants who receive a CAI convening grant will then proceed to the second stage, where they will be invited to apply for a service innovation grant valued up to $200,000 to support a project lasting two to three years in duration.

September 30th, 2015. Up to $100,000. The objective of the Canada Arts Presentation Fund (CAPF) is to give Canadians access to a variety of professional artistic experiences in their communities. The CAPF recognizes that arts presenters are key partners in achieving this objective by providing financial assistance to organizations that professionally present arts festivals or performing arts series, as well as their support organizations. Eligibility is for Not-for-profit organizations, Aboriginal organizations, government institutions.

September 30th, 2015. Up to $200,000. Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage, Local Festivals component provides funding to local groups for recurring festivals. Successful applicants may receive up to 100 percent of eligible expenses to a maximum of $200,000 for festivals that:

  • present the work of local artists, artisans, or performers of local historical heritage;
  • actively involve members of the local community;
  • are intended for and accessible to the general public.

There it is folks!  Go and get it 🙂

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