Some great funds here!

Merry-Christmas-Text-PNG-10Hello dear Funds Fans!  As per usual, another late post… but a post nonetheless 🙂  At this time of the semester, it’s a miracle that I’m even dressed in something other than pyjamas and have my hair brushed at this time of day. #yayme

Moving along, here are a few funds that are coming up which may be useful to you or those you work with:

December 11th, 2015 (Yes. Today.  Come on, I know you have a draft ready that just needs a final touch up. Go for it!).  Grants from $2,500 – $5,000 (estimate)  The British Columbia History Digitization Program promotes increased access to British Columbia’s historical resources by providing matching funds to undertake digitization projects that will result in free online access to our unique provincial historical material.

December 15th, 2015.  Grants from $5,000+ (estimate)  The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia supports real estate industry organizations’ research, education, and law reform initiatives that:

  • advance the professional competence of real estate practitioners;
  • better connect the public with the latest trends, laws and standards; and
  • support the sector’s efforts to build real estate and land use knowledge that contributes to resilient, healthy BC communities.

December 17th, 2015. Up to $25,000 (estimate) Ministry of Justice grants from Civil Forfeiture Proceeds.  Grant applications are available to support projects in the following areas:

  • Developing or Enhancing Domestic Violence Units
  • Healing and Rebuilding After Violence Against Aboriginal Women
  • Sexual Assault: Strengthening Responses on Post-Secondary Campuses
  • Sexual Assault: Enhancing/Developing Coordinated, Cross-Sector Responses
  • Vulnerable Women in the Sex Trade,  Trafficked Women &  Women/Youth at Risk of Exploitation
  • Training and Education for Front-line Victim Service and Violence Against Women Service Providers
  • Serving Victims Through Restorative Justice: Enhancing Capacity for Complex Cases
  • Youth Anti-Gang Initiatives & Crime Prevention

December 31st, 2015.  The BC SPCA Community Animal Spay/Neuter Grant is a grant competition that will help communities across British Columbia address pet overpopulation. The grants are available to registered animal charities and non-profits, municipalities, veterinarians, First Nation’s governments and tribal councils and BC SPCA branches. The amount of funding available for the 2016 grant cycle is not yet available.

That’s all for now, folks. Please share with your networks and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year ❤