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    Deadline Alert: Western Diversification Proposals due Feb. 19th 

    Deadline Alert!HOLD THE PHONE, Funds Fans!!  How I missed this one in the February list is beyond me…

    The Western Diversification Program (WDP) is one of the programs through which Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) makes strategic investments in initiatives that enhance and strengthen the economy of Western Canada.

    The WDP Call for Proposals (CFP) process is now open. Deadline: Thursday, February 19th, 2015 @ 1:00 p.m. pacific time/2:00 p.m. mountain time/3:00 p.m. central time.  Grants range from $50,000+ (estimate)

    Funding is provided to not-for-profit organizations such as:

    • Industry associations, economic development organizations, cultural organizations, and societies;
    • Post-secondary institutions;
    • Co-operatives;
    • Hospitals and regional health care centers;
    • First Nations as represented by their Chief and Council, Tribal Councils and Aboriginal-led not-for-profit associations and organizations;
    • Municipal Governments and organizations created by them;
    • Federal Crown Corporations (Treasury Board Secretariat will be consulted prior to any funding decisions for Federal Crown Corporations); and,
    • Provincial Government Departments, agencies and Crown Corporations (although eligible within the WDP Terms and Conditions, WD would require an Order in Council to contract with these organizations. As such, any projects would be considered on an exceptional basis).

    Applications received under the WDP-CFP process must directly support one (or more) of the following WD Strategic Priorities:

    • Innovation
    • Skills Development and Training
    • Trade and Investment
    • Building Capacity for Defence Procurement Opportunities; and,
    • Economic Growth Acceleration Opportunities for Aboriginal Peoples (First Nations, Inuit and Métis)

    Get the word out and share with your networks!

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    AMAZING crowdfunding success story! 

    news flashYo, Funds Fans!  To demonstrate the power of crowd-funding as a means of raising capital, please observe that today The Oatmeal launched a Kickstarter campaign for a card game called Exploding Kittens.  (Back off PETA… It’s juvenile fun that teaches strategy skills and stress management)

    The initial goal was $10,000 which was met within 8 MINUTES.  At the time of this post, the campaign has achieved OVER $1 MILLION DOLLARS.

    Not. Even. Kidding.

    Moral of the story: Crowd funding can surpass your expectations and possibly make you “Barf up a falling star.” (The Oatmeal, Jan. 19, 2015, 1:30 PM, FB post)

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    B.C. Small Business Grants! 

    B.C. Small Business grantsYo-ho-ho, Funs Fans!  Here’s the Two-Week Countdown for “Open for Business Award” applications sponsored by the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Skills Training.  Communities throughout British Columbia are encouraged to submit their Open for Business award application before the deadline on July 11, 2014.

    The award provides $10,000 for up to 20 local governments that best demonstrate they are operating within the spirit of the B.C. Small Business Accord. The Accord was established to help foster a progressive business culture where government initiatives support current and future generations of small business owners across the province. The intent of the financial award is to fund a local, small business-friendly initiative that aligns with principles of the Accord.

    Award evaluations will be based on local measures that make it easier to do business in that community. The evaluation criteria reflects the Accord by recognizing that when small businesses are celebrated and supported by their local government,, they are more likely to be competitive and innovative in their community.

    Other community organizations such as Chambers of Commerce are encouraged to work with their local governments to submit applications.  Winners will be announced at the Union of BC Municipalities Annual Convention in September.

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks!

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    Water, Environment and Health: Funding is here!! 

    Water, health and environment fundingGood day, Funds Fans!  Three new funds for you to have a look at today.  Enjoy!

    The 2014 Drinking Water Week Community Event Program will provide funding to communities / organizations in BC & Yukon to host educational events and activities. Each community / organization is eligible to receive $1,000 in funding for their event or activity.  Deadline: March 17th, 2014 (Monday).

    The SD Tech Fund Canadian business grants program is now accepting applications until April 16th, 2014.  The application process is a two-step process that includes the submission of a statement of interest followed by a full application.  For those of you not familiar with the SD Tech Fund Grants for Canadian businesses program, SD Tech Fund supports Canadian businesses engaged in projects that deliver both environmental and economic benefits to Canadian citizens.  More specifically, SD Tech Fund helps Canadian businesses demonstrate new technologies in the areas of:

    • Clean water
    • Clean air
    • Climate change
    • Clean land

    Note: This funding program is suited for companies with projects in the range of $600,000 and $10 million in size.

    Grand Challenges Explorations Round 13 is now open. Applications will be accepted until May 6th, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.  Awards of $100,000 USD are made in Phase I. Phase I awardees have one opportunity to apply for a follow-on Phase II award of up to $1,000,000 USD.

    Explorations Round 13 Topics include:

    New Ways of Working Together: Integrating Community-Based Interventions – new!

    Explore New Ways to Measure Fetal and Infant Brain Development – new!

    Inciting Healthy Behaviors: nudge, disrupt, leapfrog, reach

    Novel Enabling Tools and Models Supporting Development of Interventions for Enteric Dysfunction

    Innovations in Feedback & Accountability Systems for Agricultural Development

    Grand Challenges Explorations is open to both foreign and domestic non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, international organizations, government agencies and academic institutions. Individuals are not eligible to receive an award as part of the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative from the foundation. Additionally, organizations that are classified as individuals for U.S. tax purposes (including sole proprietorships and some single member limited liability companies) are similarly not eligible to receive an award from the foundation.

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks.

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    New: Grants for innovation, entrepreneurship and business growth experiments 

    Business development fundingHello Funds Fans!  Here’s an interesting looking fund for business development and/or research.  Check it out!

    These global grants for innovation, entrepreneurship and growth experiments funded by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Nesta.  The main aim of this call for proposals is to fund experimental research that provides evidence on the best approaches to increase innovation, support high-growth entrepreneurship and accelerate business growth.  This call for proposals is relevant to:

    • Programme delivery organisations and operators involved in entrepreneurship training and education programmes, innovation management and commercialisation, or other programmes that aim to support innovation and entrepreneurship, who are interested in participating in research projects and undertaking randomised controlled trials.
    • Researchers interested in designing and conducting randomised controlled trials on innovation and entrepreneurship.

    They welcome applications from researchers and programme delivery organisations from around the world.  Deadline: 5pm, Monday, February 24th, 2014.

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    NOW OPEN: SD Tech Fund™ 

    Sustainable Development Technology Canada

    SOI’s accepted until October 16th, 2013

    Hi Funds Fans!  Here’s some good news for technology innovators all over the world.

    SDTC’s SD Tech Fund™ is accepting Statements of Interest until October 16th, 2013.  SDTC welcomes international elements in submissions. They support Canadian projects whose first step is to create a demonstration technology for export. They also support projects with foreign IP looking to test in the Canadian market.

    SDTC favours projects requesting funds to support 30 percent or less of their total eligible project costs, as this allows the Foundation to meet its portfolio average.

    Eligible projects must focus on the development and demonstration of new technologies that address issues of climate change, clean air, water and soil quality. The projects must be undertaken primarily in Canada.

    Applicants should demonstrate that:

    • the proposed project is technically sound and undertaken by an applicant with the necessary technical, financial and management capacity;
    • the proposed project will be undertaken in a collaborative and innovative manner;
    • the new technology and related intellectual property will be diffused in a timely manner in the relevant market sectors; and
    • the funding is necessary to ensure that the project proceeds in a manner to ensure broad benefits to Canadians nationally or regionally.

    Current technology priority areas:

    Unconventional oil and gas, and responsible natural resources development: Mitigate environmental impacts associated with Canada’s natural resource sector through technologies related to unconventional oil and gas, “green mining”, and forestry.

    Next generation transportation: Technologies related to next generation vehicles with reduced carbon footprints, including EV vehicle technologies, advanced trains and aircraft, or technologies related to EV and CNG/LNG infrastructure that will enable broad adoption.

    Energy efficiency: Technologies that encourage energy efficiency in buildings, industrial water use and industrial processes.

    Clean energy: Technologies that enable clean energy production, distributed power generation and energy storage. Technologies related to carbon capture and storage, integrated energy systems, and biorefinery/biochemical production.

    Agriculture: Technologies that increase yield and improve temperature and drought resistance of agricultural crops and mitigate land-use changes and biodiversity loss.

    Northern/remote communities: Innovative technologies and solutions for self-sufficiency in smaller communities, such as small scale waste-to-energy and microgrid applications.

    There it is folks, go and get it!  Don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger!

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    Planning and development grants for affordable housing in B.C. 

    Development funds for affordable housing

    Hey Funds Fans!  It’s another double-post day!!  Did you know that CMHC provides funding to the private, public and non-profit sectors to help develop affordable housing?

    CMHC Seed Funding provides the financial assistance to carry out the initial activities required to develop a proposal for a specified affordable housing project that will result in increasing the stock of affordable housing in Canada.  The maximum amount of Seed Funding is $20,000 per housing project.

    Up to $10,000 is available as a grant (no repayment required)

    Up to $10,000 may be available as an interest-free loan, which is repayable if the housing project proceeds.

    Projects can be:

    New construction

    Conversion from non residential use to residential affordable housing

    Renovation of existing units to prevent them from demolition or abandonment.

    Rents for the majority of units in a housing project must be within Levels 1 and 2 as identified on the Affordability Criteria/ Rent Levels by region.

    Seed Funding may be made available to any proponent planning to create a specific housing project that will be affordable. Expenses must be directly related to the achievement of any of the following activities:

    • Incorporation
    • Analysis of need and demand for the proposed project
    • Preliminary analysis of financial viability
    • Preliminary design of the housing project
    • Preparation of business plan

    CMHC also offers Proposal Development Funding (PDF), which are repayable interest-free loans to facilitate the development of affordable housing in Canada. PDF loans help with the up-front expenses incurred during the process of developing an affordable housing project proposal and enable housing proponents to carry out the activities required to bring their proposal to the point where they can apply for mortgage financing.  Up to $100,000 is available to develop an affordable housing project proposal.

    Expenses must be directly related to the achievement of any of the following activities:

    • Soil load-bearing tests
    • Environmental site assessments
    • Project drawings and specifications
    • Professional fees, cost estimates
    • Management plan
    • Option to purchase
    • Development permits
    • Contract documents and application fees

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    R&D funding for Canadian researchers and commercialization projects 

    Research and commercialization funding

    Hey Funds Fans, here’s a post for the R&D super-star in your life!  The following grants cover thematic areas in the social science and humanities realm to the environment, natural resources and energy, health and life sciences as well as information and communications technologies.

    The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) provides Insight Grants to support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities. Funding is available to both emerging and established scholars for long-term research initiatives. Insight Grants research initiatives may be undertaken by an individual researcher or a team of researchers working in collaboration.  The objectives of the Insight program are to: build knowledge and understanding from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or cross-sector perspectives through support for the best researchers; support new approaches to research on complex and important topics, including those that transcend the capacity of any one scholar, institution or discipline; provide a high-quality research training experience for students; fund research expertise that relates to societal challenges and opportunities; and mobilize research knowledge, to and from academic and non-academic audiences, with the potential to lead to intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact.  The maximum value of an Insight Grant is $500,000 over three to five years. A minimum request of $7,000 is required in at least one of the years. A maximum of $200,000 is available in a single yearDeadline: NOI due August 15th, 2013.

    The Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) encourages Canada’s global economic competitiveness by supporting new discoveries and transforming them into products, services and processes that improve the lives of Canadians.  Centres  advance research and facilitate commercialization within four priority areas:  the environment; natural resources and energy; health and life sciences; and  information and communications technologies. NCE offers a suite of programs that mobilize Canada’s best research, development and entrepreneurial expertise and focus it on specific issues and strategic areas.  One such program is the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR)Funding range $100,000+.  LOI Deadline: August 23rd, 2013.

    The CECR program will provide support for the following eligible expenditures:

    • Operating Costs: maintenance and operation of the Centre; materials and supplies; liability insurance for members of the Board of Directors and centre administrators; legal fees and other related incorporation costs;
    • Salary Costs: salaries for management, technical and professional staff employed to provide support to users or to maintain and operate the Centre;
    • Knowledge Mobilization Costs: expenses relating to communications activities, networking, promotion of the Centre, knowledge dissemination and engagement of stakeholders to put available knowledge into active service;
    • Commercialization Costs: expenses related to commercialization activities (e.g. intellectual property protection, market studies, business plan development, counselling and mentoring, technology evaluation, development, and investments).

    The CECR program requires matching contributions in the form of cash or in-kind and must come from non-federal sources. CECR grant funds used for eligible commercialization costs must be matched over the duration of the grant agreement by a ratio of 1:1. Every one CECR grant dollar spent on eligible commercialization costs must be matched by one dollar of non-federal cash or in-kind. CECR grant funds for other eligible costs must be matched over the duration of the grant agreement by a ratio of 3:1. Every three CECR grant dollars spent on other eligible costs must be matched by one dollar of non-federal cash or in-kind.

    Organizations eligible to receive funds are not-for-profit corporations created by universities, colleges, not-for-profit research organizations, firms and other interested non-government parties. As a condition of eligibility, organizations applying for CECR funds must have an established Board of Directors responsible for the approval of its annual financial reports and audits.

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  You can also view other funding opportunities coming up in August here.

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    NOW OPEN: Economic Opportunities for Women 

    Opening DoorsHappy May 1st Funds Fans!  I’ve had a heck of a time getting my groove back since the move.  I think it’s all the chaos in my personal world as represented by so many unpacked boxes.  This seeming chaotic environment has tipped me into some kind of blue funk of procrastination accompanied by profuse amounts of aimless wandering around in my new space exhaling deep, mournful sighs of despair.  As my dear mother would say, I am sitting in the garden eating worms.

    You’ll note I said “seeming chaotic environment” because, truly; I know where my toothbrush is, where the coffee is and I sure as heck have my office organized enough to have spent countless, escapist hours of late doing nothing more productive than surfing the Web for the latest funny meme and engaging in my OCD tendencies by checking my email and FaceBook page every ten minutes.

    However, do bear with me as I work out these inner demons and develop some kind of inner discipline to combat such external chaos.  A life’s work to be sure.  Thankfully, as I write this post, the song on Tom Power’s Radio 2 Morning show is “It’s all right not to feel okay.”  Thanks Universe!  In addition to that note of comfort, the sun is shining.  ‘Tis good.

    Moving on from such soul-pouring matters, there is good news today for all women across Canada and for the men who love them and want to encourage them to succeed.

    Status of Women Canada is launching a Call for Proposals for projects that will both increase economic security and promote prosperity for women in communities across Canada. All projects will include a number of predetermined elements, which organizations must address in their proposals.  Grants range up to $250,000.00 Deadline: May 31st, 2013.

    Projects under this Call for Proposals fall into three thematic areas:

    Advancing Women in Non-Traditional Occupations : Projects will engage key stakeholders – institutions, employers, sector and professional organizations and communities, etc. – in sector-specific efforts to advance women in non-traditional occupations. Specifically, projects will support women’s recruitment, retention and advancement in these industry sectors by strengthening relationships between key stakeholders.  Funding available: up to $250,000/project.

    Increasing Economic Options for Women : Projects will address the institutional barriers and other factors that limit local efforts to advance the economic security and prosperity of women in communities across Canada. Specifically, the projects will engage women in enhancing their economic options by tapping into opportunities in their communities.  Funding available: up to $200,000/project.

    Improving Prosperity for Immigrant Women : Projects will address institutional barriers and other factors that limit the capacity of community organizations to respond to immigrant women’s economic needs. Specifically, the projects will build strategic partnerships and collaboration between community organizations and other stakeholders to better identify and respond to immigrant women’s economic needs.  Funding available: up to $200,000/project.

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  And, if I may add, I know that the May Deadline Alert is due today and I feel miles away from getting it prepared.  So, if you want to know what else I have a line on, you’ll just have to email me.  I am checking my email and FB page every ten minutes.

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    Hello! Funding for Sports, Health Dialogues and Young Entrepreneurs 

    Hello!And a happy Friday to you, Funds Fans!  Look at what I’ve found for you today:

    Through ViaSport , the BC Sport Participation Program (BCSPP) is now accepting applications.  The goal of the BCSPP is to attract new participants to sport and increase the number of individuals actively involved on an ongoing basis in organized sport.  Grants range from $5,000+.  Deadline:  4:30 p.m. PST on Wednesday April 24, 2013.   Applications for funding will only be accepted ONLINE.

    Applications to the BCSPP may be submitted, individually or in partnership, by Provincial Sport Organizations, Provincial Multi-Sport Service Organizations, Organizations or committees associated with the Aboriginal, Sport, Recreation and Physical Activity Partners Council.  Also, please note that previous recipients of BC Sport Participation Program are eligible to apply

    Preference will be given to proposals that address one or more of the following items:

    1. Create new organized sport participation opportunities for targeted populations on a multi-regional or province-wide scale

    2. Develop multi-sport program partnerships

    3. Demonstrate a commitment to attracting additional revenue and resources to ensure long-term program sustainability

    4. Enhance or build the delivery of sport in communities and/or through schools, with emphasis on the after-school time period and teacher training

    5. Support program expansion in the northern regions of British Columbia

    Also, please have a look at the Healthy Communities Capacity Building Grants Fund which provides small grants (up to maximum $5000 per community) to support local governments to engage in the development of healthy community partnerships and to build their capacity for healthy community leadership and action.  Funding permitting, applications will be accepted and reviewed on a continuous intake basis up until June 30, 2013. Eligible activities must take place before March 31, 2014.

    For the young entrepreneurs among us, aged 18 – 39,  the Canadian Youth Business Foundation (CYBF) and innovative toy compnay Spin Master Ltd., are teaming up to offer financing, mentoring, an exclusive innovation workshop and more to innovative entrepreneurs through the Spin Master Innovation FundThe deadline for applications is May 21st, 2013.  Up to $50,000 in start-up financing will be provided by CYBF and The Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). They believe in character; so no collateral is required.  Recipients will receive low interest rates with no principal repayment in the first year.

    Under the Spin Master Innovation Fund, a selection of candidates will be invited to pitch their innovating enterprise to a panel of Spin Master executives and industry leaders at “The Spin” and will be matched with a mentor from CYBF’s industry-leading mentoring program, as well as access to key business leaders for expert advice to help you navigate the challenges of launching and growing your start-up.  A paid trip to Toronto to attend the two-day Innovation Launch Pad Workshop is also included where you will meet one-on-one with Spin Master executives to get advice, guidance and contacts.

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  Sign up on the right to receive blog updates to your in-box.  You can also find us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger

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