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    $150K+ for indigenous climate monitoring projects 

    The impacts of climate change are already being felt across Canada and include social, cultural, ecological and economic implications. Indigenous communities are among the most vulnerable to climate change due to their relationship with the natural world, traditional lifestyles, and in some instances, geographic location.

    The goal of the Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program is to support Indigenous peoples in monitoring climate indicators, which will provide the data required to inform community adaptation actions. In addition, the data can help address climate data gaps within Canada and improve climate models and weather predictions.

    The following organizations and individuals are eligible to receive funding through the program:

    • Indigenous communities and organizations (Métis Governing Member, Métis community, Inuit community, self-governing community, Land Claim Organizations)
    • First Nation band or tribal councils
    • Indigenous Individuals

    Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2018.  Project funding of $150,000+ is available.

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    BIG money for climate change plans, studies and capital projects 

    Grant funding of up to $175,000 is now available for climate change plans and studies for Canadian cities and communities of all sizes.  Deadline to apply: January 2020.  Please contact a Program Advisor prior to applying.

    These grants help communities reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as flooding, drought and extreme temperatures. 

    Municipalities can use the funding to develop plans and studies that identify opportunities to reduce GHG emissions and adapt to climate change impacts. The grants also help communities assess the vulnerability of municipal infrastructure and assets, such as buildings and roads, to the impacts of climate change and develop response plans.

    In addition, climate change capital project grants are also available.  Grant funding of up to $1 million+ is available for Canadian cities and communities of all sizes. 

    These grants help municipalities adapt to the impacts of climate change, such as flooding and drought, and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.  Deadline to apply: January 2020.  Please contact a Program Advisor prior to applying.

    The Municipalities for Climate Innovation Program is a new five-year, $75-million program designed to encourage Canadian municipalities to better prepare for and adapt to the new realities of climate change as well as reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The program is delivered by the Federation of Canadian Municipalities and funded by the Government of Canada.

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    Attn: B.C. Researchers, Grads and Innovative Industries 

    Climate Change GHG reductionOpen Call for Expressions of Interest: Shovel-Ready Projects

    The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) is inviting EOIs for shovel-ready projects that can deliver significant and sustainable near-term greenhouse gas reductions in Alberta. Only projects that can reduce GHG emissions by greater than 50,000 tonnes CO2e annually and be fully implemented before 2020 will be considered. GHG reductions must be quantifiable, and verifiable.  Submission due: July 2, 2015 at 16:30 MT

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks.

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    FN Organization funding – 7 Streams! 

    aandc logoHi Funds Fans!  I’ll post a March Deadline Alert very soon.  While you are waiting, have a look at this if you are – or are working with – an FN organization 🙂

    AANDC is now accepting submissions for Aboriginal Representative Organization Project Funding for the 2015-2016 fiscal year.  Grants range from $25,000+. (est.) Deadline: March 30th, 2015.

    This year’s funding will continue to focus on projects that support Government of Canada priority areas, yield concrete results and promote healthier, more self-sufficient Aboriginal communities. In order to be considered for approval each project will be screened against ARO Project Funding Eligibility Criteria, and must fall under one of seven project funding themes:

    Improving First Nation Elementary and Secondary Education Outcomes

    Community Infrastructure

    Economic Development

    Métis and Non-Status Indians Partnerships and Policy Development

    Social Program Reform

    Capacity Development and Accountability

    Northern Research and Development and Climate Change Programs for Aboriginal and Northern Communities

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    Water, Environment and Health: Funding is here!! 

    Water, health and environment fundingGood day, Funds Fans!  Three new funds for you to have a look at today.  Enjoy!

    The 2014 Drinking Water Week Community Event Program will provide funding to communities / organizations in BC & Yukon to host educational events and activities. Each community / organization is eligible to receive $1,000 in funding for their event or activity.  Deadline: March 17th, 2014 (Monday).

    The SD Tech Fund Canadian business grants program is now accepting applications until April 16th, 2014.  The application process is a two-step process that includes the submission of a statement of interest followed by a full application.  For those of you not familiar with the SD Tech Fund Grants for Canadian businesses program, SD Tech Fund supports Canadian businesses engaged in projects that deliver both environmental and economic benefits to Canadian citizens.  More specifically, SD Tech Fund helps Canadian businesses demonstrate new technologies in the areas of:

    • Clean water
    • Clean air
    • Climate change
    • Clean land

    Note: This funding program is suited for companies with projects in the range of $600,000 and $10 million in size.

    Grand Challenges Explorations Round 13 is now open. Applications will be accepted until May 6th, 2014 at 11:30 a.m. Pacific Daylight Time.  Awards of $100,000 USD are made in Phase I. Phase I awardees have one opportunity to apply for a follow-on Phase II award of up to $1,000,000 USD.

    Explorations Round 13 Topics include:

    New Ways of Working Together: Integrating Community-Based Interventions – new!

    Explore New Ways to Measure Fetal and Infant Brain Development – new!

    Inciting Healthy Behaviors: nudge, disrupt, leapfrog, reach

    Novel Enabling Tools and Models Supporting Development of Interventions for Enteric Dysfunction

    Innovations in Feedback & Accountability Systems for Agricultural Development

    Grand Challenges Explorations is open to both foreign and domestic non-profit organizations, for-profit companies, international organizations, government agencies and academic institutions. Individuals are not eligible to receive an award as part of the Grand Challenges Explorations initiative from the foundation. Additionally, organizations that are classified as individuals for U.S. tax purposes (including sole proprietorships and some single member limited liability companies) are similarly not eligible to receive an award from the foundation.

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    NEW: Wildlife and habitat conservation funding 

    Wildlife & habitat conservation fundingHello again Funds Fans!  Another day, another few thousand dollars 🙂

    Established by the Roger Williams Park Zoo and the Rhode Island Zoological Society in 1989, the Sophie Danforth Conservation Biology Fund (SDCBF) supports conservation programs that protect threatened wildlife and habitats worldwide.  Grants from $25,000 to $50,000 (estimate).  Deadline: June 1st, 2014

    Field studies and other projects that demonstrate a multi-disciplinary approach to biodiversity and ecosystem conservation and projects that involve in-country collaborators receive the highest funding priority. Environmental education programs, development of techniques that can be used in a natural environment, and captive propagation programs that stress an integrative approach to conservation are also appropriate. Projects must directly affect biological conservation.

    Applicants must be associated with an organization (e.g. NGO, university, etc.) through which s/he can receive funding. Funding checks are provided to organizations, not individuals. There are no eligibility restrictions on the nationality of the applicant.

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    NOW OPEN: Climate Change Adaptation Program for Aboriginal communities 

    Climate change funding

    Welcome to November, Funds Fans!  Today, some good news for First Nation communities concerned about the impacts of climate change.

    The 2014–2015 Call for Proposals for the Climate Change Adaptation Program is now open.  Through  the Climate Change Adaptation Program (CCAP), AANDC is supporting Aboriginal  and northern communities to address risks and challenges posed by climate  change impacts and to become more resilient.  Maximum Grant: $100,000  Deadline: January 22nd, 2014.

    This  program, delivered by the Climate Change Division, is designed to support Canada’s  commitment to Aboriginal and northern peoples’ pursuit of healthy and  sustainable communities by allowing communities to prepare for challenges  created by a changing environment.

    CCAP  is focused on working with organizations, institutions and communities that can  take the lead in assessing and developing management strategies to adapt to the  impacts of a changing climate, undertaking risk and vulnerability assessments,  and identifying appropriate actions required to reduce risks due to a changing  climate and its impact.

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    Arts and Environment funding plus a scholarship for Food Safety 


    Welcome to Friday, Funds Fans!  Here’s a bit of weekend reading.  Don’t forget to check the Deadline Alert because October has LOTS of other funding opportunities and it’s not too late to get your proposal in.

    EcoAction Community Funding Program provides financial support to community-based, non-profit organizations for projects that have measurable, positive impacts on the environment.  The Program encourages action focused projects that will protect, rehabilitate or enhance the natural environment, and build the capacity of communities to sustain these activities into the future. In keeping with Environment Canada’s national environmental priorities, the Program supports projects that address the following four themes: Clean air; Clean water; Climate change; Nature.  Maximum Grant $100,000 per project. Deadline:  November 1st, 2013.

    British Columbia Food Protection Association (BCFPA) has recognized that it takes a combination of hard work and educational funding for most students to achieve their goal of a post-secondary education. That’s why they’ve developed a scholarship fund to help encourage student funding and interest in food protection in BC.  Two scholarships are available in the amounts of $1500 and $1000.  Deadline:  November 30th, 2013.

    Canada Council for the Arts has numerous funding streams.  Grants range from $500 to $100,000.  Deadlines coming up on November 1st include:

    • Aboriginal Peoples Dance Companies, Organizations, Groups and Collectives
    • Grants to Professional Musicians – Individuals
    • Project Grants to Media Arts Organizations, Groups and Collectives
    • Grants to Media Arts Organizations
    • Initiatives, Aboriginal Peoples Production Project Grants in Dance
    • Grants to Aboriginal Dance Professionals
    • Travel Grants to Professionals in the Visual Arts

    Also, November 15th is an important deadline for the following Canada Council grants:

    • Inter-Arts Office: Touring Grants to Artists and Organizations
    • Elder and Youth Legacy Program
    • Music: Travel Grants
    • Support Services to the Dance Milieu: Multi-year and Annual Grants
    • Aboriginal Peoples Collaborative Exchange: National and International Project Grants
    • Inter-Arts Office: Project Grants to Organizations

    There it is folks, go and get it!  Don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger


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    Funding, funding, funding… Journalism, Agriculture Safety, Children’s Art, Indigenous projects 

    It's a bountiful world :)Hey Funds Fans, long time, no see!  Other matters have kept me occupied lately but here I am with a backlog of funding opportunities.  Since Thanksgiving weekend is coming up in Canada, I wish you all a wonderful time of family, friends, and food.   We all have so much to be thankful for.  Amen!

    The Earth Journalism Network is launching its third round of small grants to invest in strategic opportunities for media development around the world. As in previous years, these grants aim first and foremost to build the capacities of local environmental journalism networks, and thus in turn respond to the needs of the grant recipients’ local communities and environments.  Generally speaking, the Earth Journalism Grants Fund will be focused on capacity building, but if special opportunities arise, they are open to supporting fellowships and travel grants that support specific story ideas or coverage of key events, so long as these projects involve collaboration between multiple journalists. While content production is an important aspect of any project, applications without some form of network- or capacity-building component will not be considered. As Internews is strictly a media development organization, please avoid any applications rooted in advocacy or political campaigning.  Up to US$10,000 available.  Deadline: October 15th, 2013.

    The FCC AgSafety Fund helps charitable and non-profit groups deliver agriculture safety training to farmers and/or their workers across Canada either through direct training or a train the trainer model.  The grant is administered through a partnership between Farm Credit Canada (FCC) and the Canadian Agricultural Safety Association (CASA) to provide training to keep farmers, their families, agribusiness operations and employees safe at work.  Individuals and/or groups proposing programs or projects with a local or provincial scope are eligible to receive a maximum of $10,000. Applicants proposing programs with a national scope are eligible to receive a maximum of $25,000Deadline: October 27th, 2013. 

    The International Drawing Competition: Food for a Healthy World is a youth education initiative about food and nutrition. It promotes awareness of the importance of a diversity of nutritious foods for a healthy environment and for healthy people. It also highlights some global challenges relating to food – such as hunger, malnutrition, the food system, and climate change. The competition empowers children and young people with knowledge to make more informed food choices and to be active agents of change in our society. This competition encourages children and young people to create artwork and drawings that express why nutritious foods are important for a healthy world.  Prizes of US$500 will be awarded to the winner of each age group (6-10, 11-15 and 16-20 years old), US$200 will be awarded to the runner up of each age group and US$100 will be awarded to the third best drawing of each age group. In addition, Certificates of Recognition, signed by a United Nations official and a special gift to the schools of the winning artworks will be given.  Last but not least, the artworks will be used in logos, posters, FAO publications (distributed worldwide), T shirts and activity badges! This international drawing competition is open to ALL children and young people from 6 to 20 years old.  Deadline: October 31st, 2013.

    The United Nations Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues invites Indigenous organizations or organizations working for indigenous peoples can apply for small grants from the Trust Fund.  The Fund is mainly used for small grants projects with a budget for up to US$ 10,000 covering one year’s expenses.  Priority will be given to projects that focus on the areas of (i) culture (with a specific focus on indigenous languages); and (ii) the environment (with a specific focus on the respect of the principle of free, prior and informed consent).  Deadline: November 1st, 2013.

    There it is folks, go and get it!  Don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger!  See other grants available in October 2013 here

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    Funding for housing solutions! 

    Funding for housing solutions

    Hello Funds Fans!  Welcome to a new week and new opportunities to make a difference in your community.  Don’t forget to check out the October 2013 Deadline Alert for a long list of available funding this month.

    Today, another new funder has been located.  The World Habitat Awards were established in 1985 by the Building and Social Housing Foundation as part of its contribution to the United Nations International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. Every year an award of £10,000 is presented to each of the winners for projects that provide practical and innovative solutions to current housing needs and problems.

    Housing projects & approaches are sought that:

    • demonstrate practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to current housing issues faced by countries all around the world
    • can be transferred or adapted for use as appropriate; are already being implemented or are completed (ie not at design, planning or early stages of development)
    • view the term habitat from a broad perspective and bring other benefits as well, such as energy or water saving, income generation, social inclusion, community and individual empowerment, health benefits, capacity building or education.


    • Any individual, organisation or government who has an innovative and practical solution to housing needs and problems from any country of the world.
    • More than one entry can be made by the same individual or organisation.
    • Entries should relate to housing projects and processes that are either completed or in progress. Those that are at design stage only or in the very early stages of development cannot be considered.
    • Previous entrants can re-submit in subsequent years providing that the project has been further developed in the intervening time period.

    Application Deadline: November 1st, 2013.

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks!

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