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    Funding for housing solutions! 

    Funding for housing solutions

    Hello Funds Fans!  Welcome to a new week and new opportunities to make a difference in your community.  Don’t forget to check out the October 2013 Deadline Alert for a long list of available funding this month.

    Today, another new funder has been located.  The World Habitat Awards were established in 1985 by the Building and Social Housing Foundation as part of its contribution to the United Nations International Year of Shelter for the Homeless. Every year an award of £10,000 is presented to each of the winners for projects that provide practical and innovative solutions to current housing needs and problems.

    Housing projects & approaches are sought that:

    • demonstrate practical, innovative and sustainable solutions to current housing issues faced by countries all around the world
    • can be transferred or adapted for use as appropriate; are already being implemented or are completed (ie not at design, planning or early stages of development)
    • view the term habitat from a broad perspective and bring other benefits as well, such as energy or water saving, income generation, social inclusion, community and individual empowerment, health benefits, capacity building or education.


    • Any individual, organisation or government who has an innovative and practical solution to housing needs and problems from any country of the world.
    • More than one entry can be made by the same individual or organisation.
    • Entries should relate to housing projects and processes that are either completed or in progress. Those that are at design stage only or in the very early stages of development cannot be considered.
    • Previous entrants can re-submit in subsequent years providing that the project has been further developed in the intervening time period.

    Application Deadline: November 1st, 2013.

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    NOW OPEN: SD Tech Fund™ 

    Sustainable Development Technology Canada

    SOI’s accepted until October 16th, 2013

    Hi Funds Fans!  Here’s some good news for technology innovators all over the world.

    SDTC’s SD Tech Fund™ is accepting Statements of Interest until October 16th, 2013.  SDTC welcomes international elements in submissions. They support Canadian projects whose first step is to create a demonstration technology for export. They also support projects with foreign IP looking to test in the Canadian market.

    SDTC favours projects requesting funds to support 30 percent or less of their total eligible project costs, as this allows the Foundation to meet its portfolio average.

    Eligible projects must focus on the development and demonstration of new technologies that address issues of climate change, clean air, water and soil quality. The projects must be undertaken primarily in Canada.

    Applicants should demonstrate that:

    • the proposed project is technically sound and undertaken by an applicant with the necessary technical, financial and management capacity;
    • the proposed project will be undertaken in a collaborative and innovative manner;
    • the new technology and related intellectual property will be diffused in a timely manner in the relevant market sectors; and
    • the funding is necessary to ensure that the project proceeds in a manner to ensure broad benefits to Canadians nationally or regionally.

    Current technology priority areas:

    Unconventional oil and gas, and responsible natural resources development: Mitigate environmental impacts associated with Canada’s natural resource sector through technologies related to unconventional oil and gas, “green mining”, and forestry.

    Next generation transportation: Technologies related to next generation vehicles with reduced carbon footprints, including EV vehicle technologies, advanced trains and aircraft, or technologies related to EV and CNG/LNG infrastructure that will enable broad adoption.

    Energy efficiency: Technologies that encourage energy efficiency in buildings, industrial water use and industrial processes.

    Clean energy: Technologies that enable clean energy production, distributed power generation and energy storage. Technologies related to carbon capture and storage, integrated energy systems, and biorefinery/biochemical production.

    Agriculture: Technologies that increase yield and improve temperature and drought resistance of agricultural crops and mitigate land-use changes and biodiversity loss.

    Northern/remote communities: Innovative technologies and solutions for self-sufficiency in smaller communities, such as small scale waste-to-energy and microgrid applications.

    There it is folks, go and get it!  Don’t forget to LIKE us on FaceBook and follow us on Twitter @fundsblogger!

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    Up to $50,000 for local government energy-related initiatives 

    Sustainable Communities funding

    Hello Funds Fans!  It’s a good start to August with this funding offer from BC Hydro.

    BC Hydro is offering funding to assist local governments in the implementation of tangible, high impact projects that increase energy literacy, result in electricity savings, and demonstrate broader benefits to the community. Activities supported by the Sustainable Communities Implementation Offer include (but are not limited to):

    • Development, implementation and evaluation of policy to support or incent energy efficient buildings and land use. (e.g. Density bonus, rezoning policy, development cost charges, revitalization tax exemptions, etc.)
    •  Advance Power Smart program uptake through local government processes and channels. (e.g., Through building permits, co-incentives for water and energy-smart appliances, fire and building code inspections, recreation programming for low income households, etc.)
    • Development, delivery and evaluation of engagement activities or programs to encourage energy conservation behaviour changes. (e.g. For staff and Council, builders/ developers, property owners, property managers, strata councils, residents, etc.)

    BC Hydro will pay up to 75% of the project costs to a maximum of $50,000. Application deadline: September 20th, 2013.

    The Implementation Offer is available to local governments (municipalities and regional districts) within the BC Hydro service territory that meet one of the following criteria:
    • Population over 75,000
    • Champion community – population over 20,000 with a Council-approved Community Energy and Emissions Plan (or equivalent) and demonstrated leadership in electricity demand-side management

    Eligibility requirements apply unless otherwise agreed upon with BC Hydro.

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  You can also view other funding opportunities coming up in August here.

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    R&D funding for Canadian researchers and commercialization projects 

    Research and commercialization funding

    Hey Funds Fans, here’s a post for the R&D super-star in your life!  The following grants cover thematic areas in the social science and humanities realm to the environment, natural resources and energy, health and life sciences as well as information and communications technologies.

    The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) provides Insight Grants to support research excellence in the social sciences and humanities. Funding is available to both emerging and established scholars for long-term research initiatives. Insight Grants research initiatives may be undertaken by an individual researcher or a team of researchers working in collaboration.  The objectives of the Insight program are to: build knowledge and understanding from disciplinary, interdisciplinary and/or cross-sector perspectives through support for the best researchers; support new approaches to research on complex and important topics, including those that transcend the capacity of any one scholar, institution or discipline; provide a high-quality research training experience for students; fund research expertise that relates to societal challenges and opportunities; and mobilize research knowledge, to and from academic and non-academic audiences, with the potential to lead to intellectual, cultural, social and economic influence, benefit and impact.  The maximum value of an Insight Grant is $500,000 over three to five years. A minimum request of $7,000 is required in at least one of the years. A maximum of $200,000 is available in a single yearDeadline: NOI due August 15th, 2013.

    The Government of Canada’s Networks of Centres of Excellence (NCE) encourages Canada’s global economic competitiveness by supporting new discoveries and transforming them into products, services and processes that improve the lives of Canadians.  Centres  advance research and facilitate commercialization within four priority areas:  the environment; natural resources and energy; health and life sciences; and  information and communications technologies. NCE offers a suite of programs that mobilize Canada’s best research, development and entrepreneurial expertise and focus it on specific issues and strategic areas.  One such program is the Centres of Excellence for Commercialization and Research (CECR)Funding range $100,000+.  LOI Deadline: August 23rd, 2013.

    The CECR program will provide support for the following eligible expenditures:

    • Operating Costs: maintenance and operation of the Centre; materials and supplies; liability insurance for members of the Board of Directors and centre administrators; legal fees and other related incorporation costs;
    • Salary Costs: salaries for management, technical and professional staff employed to provide support to users or to maintain and operate the Centre;
    • Knowledge Mobilization Costs: expenses relating to communications activities, networking, promotion of the Centre, knowledge dissemination and engagement of stakeholders to put available knowledge into active service;
    • Commercialization Costs: expenses related to commercialization activities (e.g. intellectual property protection, market studies, business plan development, counselling and mentoring, technology evaluation, development, and investments).

    The CECR program requires matching contributions in the form of cash or in-kind and must come from non-federal sources. CECR grant funds used for eligible commercialization costs must be matched over the duration of the grant agreement by a ratio of 1:1. Every one CECR grant dollar spent on eligible commercialization costs must be matched by one dollar of non-federal cash or in-kind. CECR grant funds for other eligible costs must be matched over the duration of the grant agreement by a ratio of 3:1. Every three CECR grant dollars spent on other eligible costs must be matched by one dollar of non-federal cash or in-kind.

    Organizations eligible to receive funds are not-for-profit corporations created by universities, colleges, not-for-profit research organizations, firms and other interested non-government parties. As a condition of eligibility, organizations applying for CECR funds must have an established Board of Directors responsible for the approval of its annual financial reports and audits.

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  You can also view other funding opportunities coming up in August here.

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    NRCan Internship Funding still available! Apply now 

    NRCan Internship Funding still available

    Hi Funds Fans!  I hope you all have a lovely weekend planned.  Here’s a good read to go along with your morning coffee 🙂

    Natural Resources Canada has announced that funding for the 2013/14 Science and Technology Internship Program is still available! Please note that their extended deadline to submit a project proposal is July 31, 2013; however, projects will be funded on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on funding availability. Apply now!

    The Science and Technology Internship Program (STIP) provides an opportunity to recent graduates in science or engineering to gain relevant and meaningful work experiences within their field of studies.   Any non-federal government organization (private company, university or college, non-profit organization and provincial or municipal government) can become a partner of Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) when it hires an eligible intern to work on research and development projects that are within the mandate of NRCan. Partners can receive a contribution payment for a portion of the intern’s salary. The intern is an employee of the partner.

    The maximum contribution per internship from the Science and Technology Internship Program fund is $13,200 over a maximum of 52 weeks.

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    Funding for education, environment, and engineering projects 

    Funding for education, environment, and engineering

    Happy Friday to you all, Funds Fans!  Like yesterday, here’s a another little something-something for organizations working with youth.

    At the heart of its charitable focus, the Honda Canada Foundation values education, environment, and engineering. The Foundation uses these three areas as guiding principles in its charitable focus on the belief that a healthy understanding of each area will help both individuals and communities flourish. The Honda Canada Foundation’s mission is to enhance the social well being of Canadian communities through responsible investment in organizations that share their vision and values and focus on youth in Canadian communities.  Grants range from up to $25,000+ (estimate).  Deadline: August 1st, 2013.

    Education: Takes many forms. Ideas that teach and then drive the desire for more knowledge are valuable.

    Environment:  Includes both the natural environment and the human environment.

    Engineering: Focuses on helping communities thrive in the future through science and research that help us understand our world and ourselves.

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  Sign up on the right to receive blog updates to your in-box.

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    BIG funding for health and development challenges! 

    Grand Challenges CanadaHi Funds Fans!  Great, big funding announcements from both Canada and the US for projects and issues related to health and development challenges.  Wowsa 🙂

    Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada, has developed the Stars in Global Health program to support Bold Ideas with Big Impact from the best and brightest talent, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to use scientific/technical, social and business innovation to address some of the most pressing global health challenges.

    In this Round 6 Request for Proposals, Grand Challenges Canada is seeking to support Bold Ideas with Big Impact that improve global health. Projects may encompass the whole spectrum of global health, including drug discovery, vaccine development, diagnostics, health and medical education, maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases (including cancer and mental health), health-related water and sanitation, and health-related agriculture and nutrition.  Applicants MUST apply online through an application website.  Grants range: $50,000 +.  Deadline: Tuesday, July 30th, 2013.

    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is accepting proposals under Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) for projects which offer innovative solutions to problems related to development.  USAID/DIV welcomes applications from many types of organizations for activities that take place in countries in which USAID operates. As this opportunity seeks to address different kinds of development challenges, you can submit proposals for any sector, whether it is livelihood development, agriculture, climate change, environment, democracy, human rights, peace and conflict etc.

    USAID/DIV provides funding of up to $100,000 for new project ideas and again $1 million to $15 million for scaling up of innovative ideas for several years. Interestingly, USAID has opened this opportunity to NGOs from all countries around the world. Even if you are a small NGO based in a developing country or a huge organization leading several projects across different parts of the world, you are eligible to apply and win grants under DIV.

    This is a unique grant opportunity because NGOs from all across the world are invited to apply for it. Secondly, you can submit your project ideas in any sector or area of interest. Thirdly, DIV funds new ideas or start-ups (not many donors would do this). Fourthly, there is scope for receiving additional funding from USAID; if your innovative project receives initial success, then you have better chances of getting more funds to replicate the same project in other areas. Lastly, and more importantly, USAID believes that in the coming future, funding for NGOs would be limited and thereby, it is necessary to innovate and implement cost-effective solutions to address development challenges.

    There are three stages of funding:

    STAGE ONE is for projects in the proof of concept phase: DIV will grant these projects up to $100,000 dollars over one year so that grantees can refine prototypes and gather the evidence they need to pull in more investment and grow.

    STAGE TWO is for larger projects, typically to expand across a country. DIV will grant Stage Two projects up to $1 million.  In exchange, Stage Two projects will build in rigorous testing to prove if the project is viable at its larger size.

    STAGE THREE is for much larger projects.  For grants of up to $15 million over several years, solutions that have already proven to work at a large scale will be expanded much further, and often into multiple countries

    The USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) has two stages of its application process. All applicants wishing to apply for funding from DIV have to initially submit a Letter of Interest (LOI). The LOI has to be submitted in the prescribed format only.  In the LOI, you need to submit information related to “the purpose of the project, summarize the project’s goals, and include financial information for the project among other criteria in the LOI.”  The submitted LOI will undergo review and approval process. If your LOI is selected, then your organization will be invited to submit a full application.  The next deadline to submit the LOI is August 15th, 2013.

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    Funds for environmental projects :) 

    TD Friends of the Environment

    Welcome to your Friday Funds Fans!  For financial assistance for your environmental project, look here:

    Founded by TD Bank Group in 1990, TD Friends of the Environment Foundation (TD FEF) is a national charity that funds environmental projects across Canada.  Grants range from up to $2,500+.  Deadline: July 15th, 2013.

    The Foundation supports a wide range of environmental initiatives, with a primary funding focus on: Environmental education; Urban greening and enhancing biodiversity; Energy conservation

    The following organizations are eligible to apply for TD FEF funding:

    • Registered Canadian charities with a Charitable Registration Number (CRN)
    • Educational institutions (primary/secondary/post-secondary)
    • Municipalities
    • Aboriginal groups

    There it is, folks.  Go and get it!  Sign up on the right to receive blog updates to your in-box.

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    Deadline Alert! ecoENERGY for Aboriginal and Northern Communities Funding 

    Deadline Alert!Pass it on!!

    The ecoENERGY for Aboriginal and Northern Communities Program 2011-2016 (EANCP) is focused exclusively on providing funding support to Aboriginal and northern communities for renewable energy projects. It is delivered by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and is part of a suite of clean energy programs funded by the Government of Canada that address action on climate change.

    Deadline: June 7th, 2013.

    The main objective of EANCP is to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions arising from electricity and heat generation in Aboriginal and northern communities by supporting the development and implementation of renewable energy projects. EANCP provides funding support for the development stages of renewable energy projects and for the engineering and implementation of renewable energy projects integrated with community buildings.

    For the development stages of renewable energy projects, proponents may request a maximum of up to $250,000 per project.  For the engineering and implementation of renewable energy projects integrated with community buildings, proponents may request a maximum of up to $100,000 per project.

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    FYI: Funding for small water systems and community infrastructure 

    Infrastructure funding

    Image from integrateddesignandconstruction.com

    Greetings, Funds Fans!  Did you that that the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program offers grants to support local government in projects related to the development of sustainable community infrastructure? Eligible applicants include local governments, defined as a municipality or a regional district and that these entities can submit applications on behalf of improvement districts, registered utilities or other small water systems? Grants up to $10,000 are available to help improve or develop long-term comprehensive plans that include, but are not limited to: capital asset management plans, community energy plans, integrated stormwater management plans, water master plans and liquid waste management plans.  There is an on-going intake for applications.Grants can be used for a range of activities related to assessing the technical, environmental and/or economic feasibility of municipal infrastructure projects.

    I thought you should know.  Share the news!

    We’ve posted many funds so far this month – click here to see them all.  Sign up on the right to stay tuned.  We have more new funds coming up as well as a Deadline Alert for February.

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