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    NOW OPEN: $15,000 to $25,000+ for multicultural projects 

    NOW OPEN: Citizenship & Immigration Canada (CIC) Events and Projects Call for Proposals.  Funding from CIC will be available for up to 3 years, for projects beginning on or after April 1, 2016.  Deadline: August 10th, 2015 .

    Two funding streams are available:

    Settlement and Resettlement Assistance Program (RAP).  Grants up to $25,000+.  This funding stream provides support for long-term, multi-year community development and engagement projects, with the aim of fostering an integrated, socially-cohesive society.

    Inter-Action Events: Funding will be in the form of a grant of up to 50% of the total cash expenses of the event, but will not  exceed $15,000.  The primary intention is to create concrete opportunities for interaction among cultural and faith communities. Events should be intended for and open to all Canadians.

    The Inter-Action Events stream provides funding to community-based events that foster one or more of the following:

    • Intercultural/interfaith understanding
    • Civic memory and pride
    • Respect for core democratic values

    The following groups and institutions are eligible for funding:

    • Canadian not-for-profit organizations, associations and unincorporated groups of individuals
    • Canadian incorporated and unincorporated municipalities and townships with a population of up to 10,000
    • Canadian Aboriginal organizations

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    A new fund for human rights and social justice issues :) 

    Global human rights fundingGood day, Funds Fans!  Here’s another new fund for human rights and social justice.

    The Nippon Foundation provides overseas grants to non-profit organizations based outside of Japan. They can be local, regional or international NGOs/NPOs, and include educational and research institutions. The Foundation does not accept applications from, nor provide grants to, private individuals or for-profit organizations.  Grants range from $25,000+ (estimate)

    Grants are given to programs planned and conducted by overseas non-profit organizations in such areas as basic human needs, human resources development, and promotion of international cooperation.

    Due weight will be given to proposals which contain at least one of the following:

    • Pragmatic and realistic approaches to issues and problems
    • Potential for future development and self-sustainability
    • Far-reaching social and regional impact
    • Pioneering significance; creating new visions and acting as catalyst for positive changes and social transformations
    • A diversity of race, gender, ethnicity, social class, cultures and societies

    There is no application deadline as such, and applications can be received throughout the year. However, since the screening procedures may take as long as five months, it is strongly recommended that applications be submitted at least half a year before the planned start of the project, or whenever the funding will be needed.

    There it is, folks!  Go and get it!!

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    A new fund for peace! 

    Funding for peace initiativesHi Funds Fans!  A new fund 🙂  And a wonderful one too.

    The Niwano Peace Foundation promotes interreligious understanding and cooperation. It also strives to strengthen cooperation among people actively making continuing efforts, in a religious spirit, to achieve a peaceful society. The Foundation does not support any specific religious group.
    Respecting the uniqueness of each religion and embracing the spirit of tolerance, it aims to build a world of peace and coexistence. The Foundation makes grants in order to provide active encouragement for activities undertaken in a religious spirit and conducted in such a way as to invite broad social participation.
    An application may be made by either an individual or an organization.  Nationality is not a criterion for eligibility.  Any group which has been in continuous existence for a reasonable length of time is eligible to apply, whether or not it is legally incorporated.
    The maximum amount for Activity Grants 1,000,000 yen. Deadline: April 30th, 2014.

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    NOW OPEN: Communities At Risk funding 


    The Federal Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness has recently announced the next call for proposals for the Communities at Risk: Security Infrastructure Program (SIP).  This program is designed to help communities at risk of hate-motivated crime improve their security infrastructure, which will help make Canada safer for all Canadians.

    Funding is available to eligible not-for-profit organizations linked to a community at risk of being victimized by hate-motivated crime. The funds are to help with the costs of security infrastructure improvements for places of worship, provincially recognized educational institutions, and community centers in communities at risk of hate-motivated crime.  Applicants not eligible for funding include Crown Corporations, public institutions, for-profit organizations and individuals.

    Approved projects may receive up to 50% of total project costs to a maximum of $100,000 per project.  Applicants must demonstrate that they are able to provide cash and/or in-kind contributions amounting to at least 50% of the total project costs. These contributions must be from non-governmental sources and must be confirmed at the time the application is submitted.

    Examples of eligible costs include:

    • Security assessments.
    • Minor construction costs related to the project, including fees for contractors, labour and equipment rental required to install security infrastructure.
    • Security equipment and hardware costs, including alarm systems, fences, gates, lighting, security film for windows, closed circuit television systems, exterior cameras, relocation of existing exterior cameras, anti-graffiti sealant, motion detectors, signage and landscaping.

    In 2014, applications will be accepted on an on-going basis, there is no deadline date for submissions. Applicants are encouraged to submit their applications well in advance of the anticipated start date of their project.

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    $5,000 for B.C.’s multicultural champions 

    B.C.  multi-cultural awards 2014Hey Funds Fans!  If you know of a multi-cultural champion in your B.C. community, check this out 🙂  Or, nominate yourself!!

    The $5000 Provincial Nesika Awards Nominations are now open and will close on February 11, 2014 by 5:00 PM.  These awards recognize the multicultural champions of British Columbia in the following 5 categories:  Individual, Youth, Not-for-Profit Organization, Business, Multicultural Excellence in the Government.

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    NOW OPEN: BCHC funding for local governments 

    Healthy CommunitiesHappy Wednesday, Funds Fans!  If you are involved with local government or would like to suggest a project to your town, city or municipality, check this funding out.

    The Healthy Communities Capacity Building Grant Program supports local governments to create the conditions that enable the health and well-being of B.C. citizens and communities.  Grants of $5,000 and $20,000 are available in two funding streams for activities that support partnership development and collaborative action between local governments and health authorities, and other community partners.  Both funding streams support local government learning about the community context for health and well-being, collaborative priority setting in local planning and policy, and innovative action to influence local health outcomes.  Deadline for both streams:   March 14th, 2014.

    Stream One: Learn & Connect Grants – Grants up to $5,000 are available for local governments to engage in the development of healthy community partnerships across sectors, to learn about conditions that support health and well-being, to identify and plan for local health and well-being priorities, and to develop opportunities and leadership for action.

    Stream Two: Innovate Grants – Grants up to $20,000 are available to support local governments in the undertaking of leading-edge, collaborative action to address local conditions that influence health and well-being. Applications must demonstrate shared leadership across more than one sector (for example, local government, health authority, school district, community organizations) as well as the potential for advancing solutions by expanding reach and impact over time, and generating insights that can be shared across communities.

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    • Matt 7:24 pm on December 11, 2013 Permalink | Reply

      Love this blog. One of my all time best resources for finding communities and non-profits money. Do you have any knowledge of an Alberta equivalent?? I’ve recently relocated and I’m working with a couple community leagues and First Nations groups that are in need of some resources.

      • findfundsblogger 10:11 am on December 12, 2013 Permalink | Reply

        Thanks so much, Matt! I’m sorry to report that I don’t know of a specific blog for Alberta. However, I did a Google search and many resources showed up. Please bear in mind that many of the posts here are valid Canada-wide 🙂 All the best, Fundsblogger

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    Boom Baby!! Three funders open up new funding cycles :) 

    New funding cycles announced!

    Cover your ears or stretch out your hands, Funds Fans!  There’s a thundering amount of funding rolling up on the horizon.

    Leon and Thea Koerner Foundation:  providing funding to stimulate and invigorate non-profit organizations in the cultural and creative arts and the social services throughout British Columbia, has issued it’s new criteria and deadlines. Grants are available between $5,000 and $15,000 to organizations; and between $5,000 and $10,000 to individualsDeadline: Friday, 28th February 2014.

    Mountain Equipment Co-Op provides a range of granting streams.  The next deadline is March 10th, 2014 for the following program areas: Land Acquisition (Grants range from $10,000 to $100,000), Capacity Building (Grants range from $5,000 to $35,000) , Advocacy and Awareness (Grants range from $1,000 to $15,000), and Access and Activity. (Grants range from $500 to $15,000).  Also, MEC provides Expedition Support with application deadlines for 2014 being February 1st, May 1st, and October 1st (midnight Pacific Time).

    The Hamber Foundation provides grants for cultural, educational and charitable purposes within the Province of British Columbia. The Foundation prefers to support specific projects rather than contributing to general sustaining assistance or to large capital projects. The Foundation may review major grant proposals from time to time.  Deadline: March 15th, 2014.

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    WWI Internment Recognition Fund 


    Good day, Funds Fans!  With Remembrance Day nearly upon us, I have found a relevant fund for communities affected by Canada’s internment policy during the war.

    The Government of Canada established the Canadian First World War Internment Recognition Fund to support projects that commemorate the experience of all affected communities during that period. The fund is managed by the Shevchenko Foundation.  Grants range from $25,000 to $50,000 (estimate).  Deadline: April 1st annually.

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    $15,000+ for artistic projects on Arab culture 

    Arabic arts & culture project fundingHello Funds Fans!  Today we have an exciting discovery for arts and culture: a dedicated fund for Arab related projects!

    The Arab Fund for Arts & Culture (AFAC) is now accepting applications in the categories of Cinema, Music and RTR (research, training and regional events) as part of its 2013 general grants program.  The call is open to Arab individuals living in the Arab region or in diaspora and to local, regional and international institutions whose projects are related to contemporary Arab culture.

    For cinema applications, a non-Arab producer can apply for a grant provided that the film director is Arab. It is preferred that film projects have producers attached to them. The producer or the director may apply for the grant.  AFAC’s cinema funding is open to all kinds of film projects – short films, feature narratives, short documentaries, feature documentaries, animation and experimental film. AFAC offers funding for development/scripting, production and post-production. Projects applying for a development/ scripting grant are eligible for a maximum of $15,000 while projects applying for a production/ post-production grant are eligible for a maximum of $50,000Deadline: August 1st, 2013.

    Music and RTR applications must be submitted online no later than September 1st, 2013.

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    BIG funding for health and development challenges! 

    Grand Challenges CanadaHi Funds Fans!  Great, big funding announcements from both Canada and the US for projects and issues related to health and development challenges.  Wowsa 🙂

    Grand Challenges Canada, which is funded by the Government of Canada, has developed the Stars in Global Health program to support Bold Ideas with Big Impact from the best and brightest talent, both in low- and middle-income countries and in Canada, to use scientific/technical, social and business innovation to address some of the most pressing global health challenges.

    In this Round 6 Request for Proposals, Grand Challenges Canada is seeking to support Bold Ideas with Big Impact that improve global health. Projects may encompass the whole spectrum of global health, including drug discovery, vaccine development, diagnostics, health and medical education, maternal and child health, non-communicable diseases (including cancer and mental health), health-related water and sanitation, and health-related agriculture and nutrition.  Applicants MUST apply online through an application website.  Grants range: $50,000 +.  Deadline: Tuesday, July 30th, 2013.

    The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) is accepting proposals under Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) for projects which offer innovative solutions to problems related to development.  USAID/DIV welcomes applications from many types of organizations for activities that take place in countries in which USAID operates. As this opportunity seeks to address different kinds of development challenges, you can submit proposals for any sector, whether it is livelihood development, agriculture, climate change, environment, democracy, human rights, peace and conflict etc.

    USAID/DIV provides funding of up to $100,000 for new project ideas and again $1 million to $15 million for scaling up of innovative ideas for several years. Interestingly, USAID has opened this opportunity to NGOs from all countries around the world. Even if you are a small NGO based in a developing country or a huge organization leading several projects across different parts of the world, you are eligible to apply and win grants under DIV.

    This is a unique grant opportunity because NGOs from all across the world are invited to apply for it. Secondly, you can submit your project ideas in any sector or area of interest. Thirdly, DIV funds new ideas or start-ups (not many donors would do this). Fourthly, there is scope for receiving additional funding from USAID; if your innovative project receives initial success, then you have better chances of getting more funds to replicate the same project in other areas. Lastly, and more importantly, USAID believes that in the coming future, funding for NGOs would be limited and thereby, it is necessary to innovate and implement cost-effective solutions to address development challenges.

    There are three stages of funding:

    STAGE ONE is for projects in the proof of concept phase: DIV will grant these projects up to $100,000 dollars over one year so that grantees can refine prototypes and gather the evidence they need to pull in more investment and grow.

    STAGE TWO is for larger projects, typically to expand across a country. DIV will grant Stage Two projects up to $1 million.  In exchange, Stage Two projects will build in rigorous testing to prove if the project is viable at its larger size.

    STAGE THREE is for much larger projects.  For grants of up to $15 million over several years, solutions that have already proven to work at a large scale will be expanded much further, and often into multiple countries

    The USAID’s Development Innovation Ventures (DIV) has two stages of its application process. All applicants wishing to apply for funding from DIV have to initially submit a Letter of Interest (LOI). The LOI has to be submitted in the prescribed format only.  In the LOI, you need to submit information related to “the purpose of the project, summarize the project’s goals, and include financial information for the project among other criteria in the LOI.”  The submitted LOI will undergo review and approval process. If your LOI is selected, then your organization will be invited to submit a full application.  The next deadline to submit the LOI is August 15th, 2013.

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