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    $150K+ for indigenous climate monitoring projects 

    The impacts of climate change are already being felt across Canada and include social, cultural, ecological and economic implications. Indigenous communities are among the most vulnerable to climate change due to their relationship with the natural world, traditional lifestyles, and in some instances, geographic location.

    The goal of the Indigenous Community-Based Climate Monitoring Program is to support Indigenous peoples in monitoring climate indicators, which will provide the data required to inform community adaptation actions. In addition, the data can help address climate data gaps within Canada and improve climate models and weather predictions.

    The following organizations and individuals are eligible to receive funding through the program:

    • Indigenous communities and organizations (Métis Governing Member, Métis community, Inuit community, self-governing community, Land Claim Organizations)
    • First Nation band or tribal councils
    • Indigenous Individuals

    Deadline: Friday, February 16, 2018.  Project funding of $150,000+ is available.

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    Some great funds here! 

    Merry-Christmas-Text-PNG-10Hello dear Funds Fans!  As per usual, another late post… but a post nonetheless 🙂  At this time of the semester, it’s a miracle that I’m even dressed in something other than pyjamas and have my hair brushed at this time of day. #yayme

    Moving along, here are a few funds that are coming up which may be useful to you or those you work with:

    December 11th, 2015 (Yes. Today.  Come on, I know you have a draft ready that just needs a final touch up. Go for it!).  Grants from $2,500 – $5,000 (estimate)  The British Columbia History Digitization Program promotes increased access to British Columbia’s historical resources by providing matching funds to undertake digitization projects that will result in free online access to our unique provincial historical material.

    December 15th, 2015.  Grants from $5,000+ (estimate)  The Real Estate Foundation of British Columbia supports real estate industry organizations’ research, education, and law reform initiatives that:

    • advance the professional competence of real estate practitioners;
    • better connect the public with the latest trends, laws and standards; and
    • support the sector’s efforts to build real estate and land use knowledge that contributes to resilient, healthy BC communities.

    December 17th, 2015. Up to $25,000 (estimate) Ministry of Justice grants from Civil Forfeiture Proceeds.  Grant applications are available to support projects in the following areas:

    • Developing or Enhancing Domestic Violence Units
    • Healing and Rebuilding After Violence Against Aboriginal Women
    • Sexual Assault: Strengthening Responses on Post-Secondary Campuses
    • Sexual Assault: Enhancing/Developing Coordinated, Cross-Sector Responses
    • Vulnerable Women in the Sex Trade,  Trafficked Women &  Women/Youth at Risk of Exploitation
    • Training and Education for Front-line Victim Service and Violence Against Women Service Providers
    • Serving Victims Through Restorative Justice: Enhancing Capacity for Complex Cases
    • Youth Anti-Gang Initiatives & Crime Prevention

    December 31st, 2015.  The BC SPCA Community Animal Spay/Neuter Grant is a grant competition that will help communities across British Columbia address pet overpopulation. The grants are available to registered animal charities and non-profits, municipalities, veterinarians, First Nation’s governments and tribal councils and BC SPCA branches. The amount of funding available for the 2016 grant cycle is not yet available.

    That’s all for now, folks. Please share with your networks and I wish you all a wonderful Christmas and Happy New Year ❤


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    Attn: B.C. Researchers, Grads and Innovative Industries 

    Climate Change GHG reductionOpen Call for Expressions of Interest: Shovel-Ready Projects

    The Climate Change and Emissions Management Corporation (CCEMC) is inviting EOIs for shovel-ready projects that can deliver significant and sustainable near-term greenhouse gas reductions in Alberta. Only projects that can reduce GHG emissions by greater than 50,000 tonnes CO2e annually and be fully implemented before 2020 will be considered. GHG reductions must be quantifiable, and verifiable.  Submission due: July 2, 2015 at 16:30 MT

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks.

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    Dental health research funding 

    happy teethHey Funds Fans!  Here’s a nice little fund for students in dental hygiene research programs across Canada.

    The Canadian Foundation of Dental Hygiene Research and Education (CFDHRE) supports dental hygiene research and education in Canada. To be eligible for consideration, applicants must be affiliated with organizations that can issue official donation receipts for gifts that individuals and corporations make to them.

    The ‘Lead Principal Applicant’ must be a registered Canadian Dental Hygienist and member of the CDHA except in the case where she/he is conducting the research as a graduate student and will be the ‘Principal Applicant’ and her/his research advisor/supervisor will be the ‘Lead Principal Applicant’.  Proposals must pertain to dental hygiene related research. Two grants valued at $6,000 to $10,000 available.  Deadline: January 30th, 2015.

    There it is folks!  Go and get it 🙂


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    Up to $5,000+ for animal rights projects 

    Animal welfare funding in CanadaHi again, Funds Fans!  I’ve been keeping an eye on this one and here it is ready to go 🙂

    The vision of the Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada (AWFC) is that all animals be well cared for and treated with respect.  For 2015, the AWFC has approx. $35,000 in funds to distribute across Canada.  To facilitate the grantee selection process, applicants are invited to submit a letter of intent (using the form provided) to awfc.info@gmail.com by January 31st, 2015.

    The Animal Welfare Foundation of Canada aims to achieve measurable positive change in improving the lives of animals in Canada, through innovative educational and research initiatives.  AWFC fosters an enlightened ethic of animal care.  They receive donations and direct funds toward activities of national significance and to other important activities that are not likely to receive support from local or provincial sources. Such activities include humane education and research, the investigation and reporting of issues, and other promising initiatives.

    All applicants will be notified by the end of February; a short list will be invited to submit a full proposal by the end of March. Applicants will be notified of funding decisions by the end of April.

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks.

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    Up to $25,000 for conservation projects 

    disney cons fundHey Funds Fans!  Some fun(ds) from Disney 🙂

    The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund (DWCF) is currently accepting letters of inquiry from NGOs around the globe for conservation projects that address a significant conservation need.  Proposed projects should include one or more of the following themes: education and community engagement, sustainable development directly connected to protecting species and habitat, and/or scientific field studies on species and habitats (ex-situ projects/project components are not eligible).

    Preference will be given to projects with a significant conservation action component. Applicant organizations from outside of the US must partner with a US 501(c)(3) organization who will act as the project intermediary/sponsor.  Deadline: February 6th, 2015.  Grant requests up to US$25,000 will be considered.

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks!

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    $100,000 to assist refugees and displaced people 

    Refugee  project fundsHello Funds Fans 🙂 Here’s something new!

    The Ockenden International Prizes recognises the value of outstanding self-help projects for refugees and/or internally displaced people around the World.  The new annual $100,000 Prize accepts applications from organisations with projects, programmes or activities that help refugees and displaced people with pioneering approaches proven to be highly effective in promoting self-reliance for displaced communities.
    The prize’s prime objective is to:
    • Raise awareness of the scale and range of challenges faced by refugees and displaced people.
    • Recognise and reward organisations giving inspirational and highly effective support, and enabling self-reliance.
    • Share experience and learning about what works and leads to real change in the lives of refugees and displaced people.
    Deadline: Thursday, July 31st, 2014.

    Also, for those of you involved in health research within Canada, don’t forget to bookmark ResearchNet for scads of funding opportunities.

    There it is, folks!  Go and get it!!

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    Attn: Health and Social Development practitioners – $50,000 for intervention strategies 

    Intervention funding

    Hi Funds Fans!  If you work with children, please share this post far and wide.

    Data for Life Prize invites applicants to submit a successful but under-recognized life-saving intervention for children under five that deserves more rigorous study. Two winners will receive $50,000 each to fund meticulous, independent, year-long field studies of their chosen intervention.  Deadline: June 18th, 2014.

    Who can apply?
    Anyone – any organization or person can apply. The Prize is open to anyone who is in a position to save children’s lives but lacks the means to quantitatively assess the impact of their work. Practitioners fighting to reduce child mortality as well as researchers in this area are encouraged to apply for the Data for Life Prize.

    The goal of the Data For Life Prize is to save as many children’s lives as possible by identifying and strengthening under-recognized life-saving interventions that are highly impactful, scalable, and cost-effective, but currently lack scientific evidence of their impact. Accordingly, the winning applicants will propose studies that will yield previously unavailable proof demonstrating the efficacy of programs that deserve much greater support. By securing this proof, these programs will be empowered to save more lives.

    The Data For Life prize funds are intended to secure valuable pieces of scientific evidence that will save children’s lives. Prize funds may be spent on a combination of collecting field data where a life-saving intervention is deployed, the deployment of the intervention itself, or the capacity and personnel needed to deploy the intervention. The goal is to obtain the best evidence possible with the funds available.

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    Don’t forget to check the May Deadline Alert for more great opportunities!

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    Up to $2,500 for collaborative history projects 

    History projectsHi Funds Fans!  Here’s a darling little fund for collaborative projects aimed at improving history education within Canada.

    THEN/HiER is the first pan-Canadian organization devoted to promoting—and improving—history teaching and learning by bringing together the multiple and varied constituencies involved in history education: academic historians; public historians in museums, archives and historic sites; practicing teachers; researchers based in faculties of education; and curriculum policy makers. Their goal is to stimulate an active, participatory dialogue among these various communities of history educators, a dialogue that explores how best to improve history education in all its forms through more research-informed practice (from kindergarten to graduate school) and more practice-informed research.

    Through the Small Projects Grant Program, each year THEN/HiER sets aside $25,000 to support small projects and events related to history teaching and learning in Canada. They welcome proposals from THEN/HiER partner organizations and individuals, including graduate students, as well as others engaged in history education research and practice in Canada. THEN/HiER will consider requests for support up to a maximum of $2,500There is no deadline to apply as they will consider requests for funding throughout the year.

    Proposals should indicate in the budget other sources of funding, including in-kind contributions. They should also clearly state how the project will involve collaboration across different THEN/HiER constituencies (for example, between teachers and academic historians, or between teacher educators and a public history organization such as a museum).

    Please share and re-tweet within interested networks!

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    Whoa! Big Funders are calling!! 

    raining dollarsGood day to you, Funds Fans!  Here’s another post that is jam packed with funding action.

    The Western Diversification Program (WDP) is the main program through which Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) makes strategic investments in initiatives that enhance and strengthen the economy of Western Canada. Project proposals for WDP are solicited via a Call for Proposals (CFP) issued up to twice per year. Projects involving all industry sectors are considered. Funding under the Western Diversification Program is available to not-for-profit organizations such as:

    • Industry associations, community and/or economic development organizations and research organizations;
    • Post-secondary institutions; and,
    • First nations as represented by their Chief and Council, Tribal Councils and Aboriginal-led not-for-profit associations and organizations.

    WD’s next Call for Proposals opens May 1, 2014 and closes May 30, 2014.

    The NIKE Foundation is dedicated to unleashing the potential of the 250 million adolescent girls living in poverty through insights-driven innovations, strategic partnership and solutions that can be scaled to enable and equip adolescent girls to realize their potential.

    The Nike Foundation has partnered with some of the most respected organizations and leaders in the development community to work toward a shared vision: that adolescent girls are embedded in – and integral to – the eradication of global poverty.

    We are seeking strong partners to realize this vision through strategic advocacy at the global and national levels.

    Funding levels:

    Global up to $250,000 for an 18-month period. Proposals should be designed to purpose and not to total budget available.

    National up to $150,000 (3-5 organizations in the range of $500,000 for an 18-month period)

    The list of activities below is not prescriptive, nor exhaustive, but provides organizations with an idea of the type of activities the Nike Foundation is considering for this initiative:

    • Developing and executing an advocacy strategy

    • Developing messages, messengers and outreach opportunities

    • Developing and producing advocacy and communications materials

    • Staff time to track, synthesize and analyze the post-2015 negotiations and to manage relationships with key influencers

    • Participation in relevant conferences, events and dialogues

    Organizations that wish to apply for funding for both RFPs may do so.   Deadline for both funding streams is May 16th, 2014.

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